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Best Road Trips In Sussex

Best Road Trip Country of Sussex

Sussex is wonderful, historic English county famous for its English Channel seaside resorts, breathtaking coastline, and fairytale castles. It is a county that offers a wealth of first-class tourist attractions, historic sites, jaw-dropping landscapes and stunning views. Making it one of the England’s ideal and perfect counties for road trips and family vacations.

If you are looking to have a pleasant road trip with your family or friends this coming holidays, Sussex should be one of the destinations in your mind. Promising an incredible and extraordinary travel experience, a trip in this county will surely bring worthwhile memories that you can cherish for a lifetime.

To help you with your trip in Sussex, here are some of the best road trip suggestions that you can check out in this historic and wonderful county.

  • The Sussex Coast – When it comes to road trips, who wouldn’t love the experience of driving along a breathtaking coastline, taking in plenty of jaw-dropping views and feeling the oceanic breeze brushing your face. The beautiful coastline of this county offers a lot of great places to visit. Don’t miss the majestic Beachy Head in East Sussex and take in the panoramic views of England’s enchanting Channel coast over the edge of its chalk cliffs.
  • Arundel in West Sussex – Another great road trip stop in Sussex is the English market town of Arundel. Famous for being the home to the Arundel Castle, it is a great place that presents plenty of excellent attraction. Learn about the history of the town by visiting the magnificent castle. Check out the water gardens in the Oberon’s Palace, and it is a wonderful place where you will see the popular “Dancing Crown” fountain. A spectacular sight to behold!
  • Town of Littlehampton – The town of Littlehampton is another great stop in the county of Sussex. Considered to a diamond in a rough, this town presents a beautiful marina where you can again appreciate the beautiful English channel The town is home to the “Longest Bench in Britain” and its a part of a seaside regeneration project in town. Offering some of the county’s top tourist attractions, this town is one excellent road trip stop in Sussex.
  • The South Downs – Another excellent area to explore in Sussex is the South Downs. Home to the South Downs National Park, this range of chalk hills is such a great place to explore. As an area of scientific interest, this area of the county is a great place where you can appreciate the beautiful, rolling countryside of the county. Take in the stunning views and breathtaking landscapes as you drive along the entire area and visit some of its top attractions to build plenty of worthwhile memories.

Those are just some of the beautiful places that you can visit in Sussex, a true county of contrast that will present you the best of both worlds. A beautiful rolling countryside and an impressive length of stunning coastline.

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