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BMW M2 Releases Official Information to Eager Sports-Car Enthusiasts

2015-10-19_141246BMW will release the new M range model M2 in April 2016. Photos and technical specifications were released earlier than expected to eager and interested BMW fanatics. BMW has been dropping tantalizing hints regarding the upcoming M2 for more than three years. Enthusiasts only had fleeting glimpses from photos taken of prototype tests of the new M-car to speculate on until the recent release of official photos.

The new M2 photos reveal an aggressive, streamlined and sleek front-end. The car finishes off with a rear spoiler and 4 notable exhaust pipes. This new model is the smallest of the M-range cars in all dimensions. Weight has also been reduced to reach optimum performance. The car was designed for improved aerodynamic performance by exhibiting a narrow front end that widens to the rear. Fenders add bulk to the rear. The M2 is low-down for added aerodynamic advantage. This, in combination with the other design features, gives the car a unique, powerful and mean look.

Performance speculations indicate that the M2 will offer top performance for the expected starting price. The sports vehicle features standard six-speed manual and rear-wheel drive. Buyers can opt for a seven-speed dual clutch DCT transmission which gives the choice of automatic or manual mode and additional choices of comfort, sport or sport + driving modes. Additionally, the engine is packed with an N55 inline-six engine that gets 365 horsepower at 6500 rpms. This powerhouse reaches 60 mph in 4.2 seconds when in automatic mode and in 4.4 seconds in the manual mode and reaches a max of 155 mph.

Additionally a modified cooling system has been created for the newest M-range model. This makes the car ready to go on the race-track with optimum performance. The dual-clutch gearbox has a special oil cooler to ensure excellent runs.

The M-range was originally begun as the motorsport portion of BMWs car-manufacturing company to serve their racing program. The M-range has historically offered several different body styles of its models including coupes, sedans, convertibles, roadsters and station wagons. At this time, BMW will only offer a coupe model of this latest addition to the M-range cars.

Other premium sport compacts expected to compete with the M2 are the Audi S3 and the Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG. The competition shows significant differences such as a hatchback style and 4 wheel drive. The M2 is sure to fulfill a market segment with its unique specs.

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