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When Should You Change Your Motor Bike Helmet

2015-09-10_161041No matter what type of motorcycle you are riding, helmets are always a major element of your safety. Helmets have saved the lives of many people during a collision or any similar type of accident.

Those helmet which have experienced any type of accident are suggested to change right away, but those which still look in a good condition must undergo inspection from time to time. According to experts, you must replace your helmet even if they haven’t suffered any type of mishap for a number of reasons.

Change your helmet if you see any type of clear damage on it. Marks and cracks on a helmet may indicate that the structural integrity of your helmet may be affected which might result in serious health hazard if worn in an accident. It is good to replace them after every 2-4 years, says Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

A helmet is created of the materials which start deteriorating as time passes. The materials start losing its strength after every usage, in addition to some other factors such as cooling or heat. Chin straps are impacted due to the continuous usage which increases their vulnerability towards breakage. In addition, the resins, material and glues which were used for the construction of a helmet start breaking up which further add to the worry and also reduce the safety qualities of a helmet. In case your helmet gets loose, never try to change its padding. Rather, buy a new one.

Simple tips to look after a helmet:

Keep your helmet at a dry and dark location whenever it is not in use.

Avoid placing your helmet upon a fuel tank. Try to keep it as far from the tank as possible.

It is better to change your helmet in the event you drop it on a ground.

If you wish to clean your helmet, clean it from the outside with soap and water, ensure that the water stays outside the helmet.

Most times, you can carry your helmet to a manufacturing company for examination and at times even for a repair. Take benefit of such type of service whenever possible.

Ensure that the inner part of your helmet stays clean all the time. The heat & sweat from your helmet is likely to cause damage to the inner foam and lining which could make the helmet loose. Hence, it’s good to clean it up after every use.

Why Paintball is a Super Game for All Age Groups

2015-09-10_160915Paintball is a very common game in the US. This is because, you can play this game irrespective of your age and you don’t require any special training in order to play the game. With just a few hours of practice, you could easily master playing paintball. But first of all, you must enhance your shooting abilities.

Your goal in this game is to eliminate all your opponents by hitting the players with tiny bullets that are filled with different colours. As soon as these bullets hit your opponent, they instantly break down and you can see a visible colour spot on the cloth, body or helmet of your opponent. All the colours used are safe and harmless. Besides, the colours can be easily removed using plain water due to their water soluble properties. Those who are hit get eliminated right away. In order to win the game, you need to be able to eliminate all of your opponents.

At times, individuals play paintball in a particular time frame. Here, the game is over after the given time scale or if any team loses all its players. In case, the players are experienced, it is recommended to play the game inside a certain time scale. The reasons is as all the players do not have enough experience, the game might stretch for several hours.

In order to enjoy paintball to its fullest, it is necessary to play it in a sufficiently big region. But, there is no need to worry in case you don’t have enough space since you can easily enjoy the game by paying a small amount at the game fields. There are folks playing paintball indoor as well.

Make sure that you have taken all the precaution necessary whilst playing paintball. This will reduce the odds of you or any other person suffering any injury while playing the game. It is also necessary that the players wear googles as well as a face mask before starting to play the game. Goggles play a crucial role to protect your sensitive eyes whereas the face mask can help prevent any injuries to your face. While purchasing the safety accessories, ensure that you get them from a trusted vendor.