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The United Kingdom Most Rented Car Types

Most Rented Car Types

Are you planning to go on a trip or to travel with your family, and you have no idea about the type of vehicle to rent? The majority of rental companies in the United Kingdom have varieties of car models categorized differently according to price, size, and quality. You can choose the type of car to rent depending on the number of families, the journey destination, and your budget. Below are some of the most rented cars in the United Kingdom:

  1. SUVs

SUVs is among the most significant vehicles than can comfortably accommodate five or more adults and with massive trunks that carry two large suitcases. They are divided from mid to full size, depending on the space you need and the number of people travelling. It is the perfect car for travelling, especially when you want to take weekend trips with your families and visit places like mountains. SUVs cars include Volvo XC60 or Nissan Pathfinder.

  1.   Luxury Cars

If you want to travel comfortably and in style luxury car is the best option. It has a spacious interior with very comfortable seats that can carry five adults with a vast trunk that carries two large and three small suitcases. It makes a long smooth trip on roads very easy to drive and park in big cities. The cars include Mercedes C200 or Porsche 997.

  1.   Premium Cars

Premiums cars prove to be the most comfortable cars to use for business trips or leisure. They come with more rooms in the trunk that5 can carry a lot of luggage. It also has enough space to take more than three adults comfortably. With the smooth ride that it provides on roads, it is perfect for a long-distance trip. The most common premium cars include Holden SV6.

  1.   Full-size Car

The full-size car has an executive appearance and vast spaces that can accommodate a minimum of 4 adults and a maximum of 5 people. They have huge interior space and comfortable seats that give a comfortable feeling during the trip, making them perfect for a long-distance journey on roads. They include Mercedes C Class Estate, Mercedes C 200, and Mercedes C Class Wagon.

  1.   Standard Car

They are more extensive compared to economic cars but saves on budget and fuel. It is the perfect choice for driving and parking in the city. It can carry less than five people with very few luggage and considered ideal for short trips.

  1.   Compact Cars

Compact cars are medium size cars best for longer trips. It has ample space that can accommodate five people on short trips and 3v people taking longer trips. It also has a medium size trunk that can carry two suitcases, both large and small. The car saves more fuel compared to luxury. It includes Astra Wagon or Nissan Juke.

  1.   Economy Car

Economic cars come with a small space that can accommodate less than four people perfect for short trips. This is the best option when you want to save on budget but not ideal for longer trips. The types of this car include the Ford Fiesta and Peugeot 208.


The majority of rental cars in the UK are automatic. To avoid getting a different car from what you wanted, you can follow the above categories. You should ensure that the vehicle you rented provides you with the necessary services that you want and the best price.

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