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Things To Do In Bedfordshire

The Chiltern Hills

Bedfordshire is a county located in the East of England. The Chiltern Hills in South East England, which has been officially designated as an “Area of Outstanding Beauty” runs through Bedfordshire and three other counties.The stretch of the Chiltern Hills that runs through Bedfordshire is believed by some to be the “Delectable Mountains” referred to in the Pilgrim’s Progress of John Bunyan, and that is easy to understand considering Bedfordshire’s magnificent countryside. In addition to the Chiltern Hills, there is the Downs, the Marston Vale and the Greensand Ridge. Charming towns and villages with impressive manors with their historical importance and beautiful cottages dot the County’s landscape.

Bedfordshire is rich in history. Several Kings and Queens of England held court and had gone hunting in Bedfordshire’s magnificent forests, not to mention, Catherine of Aragon incarcerated at Ampthill, and Queen Eleanor interred in Dunstable. It is also known to be the birthplace of the Church of England as well as the famous authors, John Bunyan and Ronnie Barker.

Food and shopping experience

There is no lack of excellent places where guests can drink and eat in Bedfordshire. There are eateries of all styles serving all kinds of cuisine, including Bedfordshire’s national dish, the “Clanger”. This recipe has given its name to the residents of Bedfordshire referred to as “Clangers”. Aside from the award-winning restaurants for fine dining, gastropubs, where patrons can both eat and drink are also very popular in Bedfordshire, together with the traditional English pub and tavern, coffee shops, cocktail bars, and more.

Harpur Centre is the principal shopping venue in Bedfordshire. The centre is located in the city of Bedford. But there are other clothing shops, antique stores, boutiques and speciality stores found up the High street of Bedford and in the other towns of the county.

Where to stay

For tourists to thoroughly enjoy what Bedfordshire has to offer, they are invited to stay a while in the area. The County is quite prepared to host visitors in every style they choose. There are all types of accommodation for every taste and budget available in Bedfordshire, all offering superb service and warm hospitality. Be charmed by the palaces, manors, cottages and farmhouses. For the budget conscious, there are guest houses, B&Bs, hostels, holiday parks and even camping and caravanning areas and facilities.

Things to do and places to see

In Bedfordshire, children and adults will find enough activities in interesting places to keep them fully occupied while they are on vacation in the Bedfordshire County. However, to thoroughly relish what Bedfordshire has to offer, mobility is imperative, thus the need for hiring self-drive rental vans.
For the walking and cycling enthusiasts, there are ribbons of path walks through breathtaking countrysides as well as excellent indoor/outdoor sports facilities to keep them occupied. Kayaking, fishing and canoe polo are for those who enjoy water sports. A most interesting and unique experience is a river cruise on the Ouse River on board a John Bunyan river cruise boat on a lazy afternoon. A stroll in the numerous parks and gardens of Bedfordshire is a favourite for bird lovers.

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