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Best Road Trips In Kent

Garden of England

Kent is dubbed as the Garden of England, and it is a wonderful place for road trips and pleasant family holidays. As a destination less than an hour from London by train and offering super-fast links to Europe, it is a wonderful place that welcomes plenty of tourists each year. The county of Kent offers compelling tourist attractions, stunning beaches, mouthwatering local food and a vast variety of accommodations, it is a perfect place to create a lot of memorable experiences.

With a range of centuries-old heritage sites as well as modern art galleries, Kent is county perfect for romantic getaways and fun-filled escapes. From cliff-top hikes all the to way foodie adventures and lazy spa breaks, this county is a place that offers a vast range of things to see and do. It is considered as one of Europe’s top destinations for beaches. A wonderful place that promises an incredible travel experience.

Top Road Trip Destinations in the Garden of England You Should Not Miss

The Historic Cathedral City of Canterbury

One of the best places to visit in the county of Kent is the historic and magnificent cathedral city of Canterbury. Home to the glorious Canterbury Cathedral, this city is a place that offers a lot of guided tours and various outdoor recreation. Presenting some of Kent’s first-class tourist attractions, a beautiful high street, and plenty stunning views, it is a great place to check out while having a road trip in the Garden of England.

The Beautiful and Lavish Leeds Castle

Another “must see” place in Kent is the Leeds Castle. As an exclusive and eye-popping lavish tourist destination, this former fortress offers a fine feat of architecture and stunning landscape for visitors to enjoy. Featuring an impressive and amazing hedge maze, falconry displays, plenty of playgrounds and onsite museums, this place promises its guests an  extraordinary range of things to do. It’s truly a great place that every tourist should check out.

The East Coast Resort Town of Margate

Featuring a great combination of beautiful cobbled streets and boutique shops this east coastal resort presents an artistic appeal that attracts plenty of tourists each year. Home to Dreamland, an amusement park that welcomes and entertains a lot of tourists every year, this seaside town is a great place to check out. Walk along the Harbour Arm and take a ride along the 50 km Viking Coastal Trail. As an ideal destination for outdoor activities, Margate is one place that you shouldn’t miss.

The Beautiful White Cliffs of Dover

A trip to Dover will take you to its long history. As an active defensive post during centuries of wars which includes WWI and WWII, Dover is a destination that promises a wonderful travel experience. Visit the medieval Dover Castle and take part on its secret wartime tunnel tours. You also don’t want to miss the beautiful White Cliffs that this place offers. With plenty of impressive accommodations and excellent food destinations, this is a road trip stop you have to check out.

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