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Road Trip in Berkshire: Things to Do in this Beautiful County

Road Trip in Berkshire

The Royal County of Berkshire is a place of historic origin. Showcasing a beautiful rolling countryside and home to a wealth of historic towns and charming villages, this county is an ideal place for road trips. A wonderful place where that is best explored by driving along its roads and taking in the breathtaking views and panoramic scenery it has to offer. With a wealth of amazing sights, first-class tourist destinations and places to visit, a road trip in this wonderful county will surely bring you plenty of cherishable memories.

To give you an idea of where to go in the county of Berkshire, here are some of the things to do and sights to behold to make sure you will have a fun-filled road trip.

Visit the Magnificent Windsor Castle

As the royal residence for more than a thousand years, this stately mansion has been one of Berkshire’s top tourist attraction. As one of the Queen’s favorite digs, you can explore the lavish State Apartments, banquet halls, and chapel. So make sure to head to the Windsor Castle when you visit Berkshire.

Witness the Changing of the Guards

Buckingham Palace is not the only place where you can witness the popular British pomp and pageantry. You can also behold this amazing sight in the Windsor Castle because it also has its Changing of the Guards Ceremony. Where the Queen’s foot guards take the streets outside the Windsor Castle, lead by a piper’s band wearing full red tunics and bearskins.

Take the Opportunity to Watch the Red Bull Air Race

Ascot Racecourse is one of the most visited destinations in Berkshire during summer. It is where the world’s best racing pilots and petrol heads to participate in a weekend of high-speed chases around the aerial obstacle course. It is an amazing event that every tourist should witness during the summer.

Take a Tour Around the Real Downton AbbeyReal Downton Abbey

You can also visit the real Downton Abbey in Berkshire. Featuring a fantastic architecture and a stunning landscape where you can enjoy picnics and other outdoor activities, it is a great place to check out. Relive some scenes of the popular ITV drama in the location and enjoy the impressive open space it offers.

Stroll and Enjoy Through the Queen’s Garden

The Crown Estate owns a huge part of the Berkshire’s countryside and maintains it as a picture-perfect rural idyll. Take in the stunning views of beautiful gardens and encounter wild deer on the trails that head to the Deer Park. It is the perfect escape for the nature lovers out there!

Check Out Norden Farm and Watch Films

You can also visit Norden Farm, a buzzy all-purpose cultural area located near Maidenhead. There, in-the-know locals shun megaplexes in favor of low-key screenings. It is an also wonderful place to visit, while in Berkshire.

Those are some of the activities you can do and sights to behold in the beautiful and historic county of Berkshire. As a county that offers an incredible travel experience, a road trip to this area will surely bring you fun-filled memories to cherish.

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