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Things To Do In Berkshire

The Royal County of Berkshire

The royal county of Berkshire is home to historic towns, beautiful and charming villages as well as a breathtaking countryside to explore. Considered as a perfect destination to escape the hustle and bustle of the stressful city life, this county showcases plenty of tourist attractions and beautiful gardens to discover and explore. As a county considered as a special place for people who would like to get rid of stress from the bustling city life and rejuvenate, Berkshire is an ideal destination for individuals, couples and families looking to have a relaxing break from the stress of work, studies and other responsibilities.

Brimming with beautiful parks, ancient castles, great heritage sites and fine local attractions, this royal county is a wonderful destination that features elegance, rich history and great heritage. A wonderful destination that has plenty of hidden gems to uncover, explore and experience. Having a wealth of great architectural buildings, magnificent museums as well as nature and wildlife reserves, Berkshire is a very interesting destination to visit and explore.

Food and Shopping Experience

Berkshire is a royal county that offers an excellent eating and shopping experience, with the top of the line restaurants and top rated local pubs in its towns and villages serving decadent home cooked food, mouthwatering international dishes and authentic county delicacies; it is a foodie haven that every culinary enthusiast will enjoy. Apart from these eateries, this county is also home to an excellent variety of modern shopping centres, traditional high street stores and plenty of independent shops. Offering all sorts of items, this county is a destination that provides people with a great and unique retail therapy experience.

Places to Stay in the Royal County of Berkshire

Considered as one of top tourist destinations in England, Berkshire offers a vast range of places to stay. From five star hotels that offer elegant services, traditional town inns serving great food or homely self-catering cottages that will make you feel at home, this county will take care of your accommodation needs. You can also choose from an excellent range B&Bs, campsites, caravan sites and pet-friendly accommodations according to what you prefer. Whatever place it is you prefer to stay, Berkshire will have something for you to satisfy all your needs!

Things to See and Do in Berkshire

Tourists will have plenty of things to see and do in the county of Berkshire. From exploring its beautiful countryside, checking out the historic sites, visiting its magnificent museums and enjoying the excellent range of world-class attractions it houses, there are no shortage of things to do and sights to see in this royal county. Experience Berkshire by visiting the Windsor Castle or St. George’s Chapel. Learn the brewing heritage of the county by calling on the Windsor and Eton Brewery. Discover its diverse wildlife by checking out the UK Wolf Conservation Trust, Beale Park, Snelsmore Common Country Park and Nature Discovery Centre. Experience and learn the history and heritage of the Berkshire by visiting the Museum of English Rural Life or the Maidenhead Heritage Centre. There are many attractions to discover in this county, and the best way to experience its culture is to visit this county and see it for yourself.

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