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Things To Do In Hertfordshire

Charm of Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire or Herts County is a historic county of Southern England closest to the north of London. The county town, Hertford, the county seat, used to be the principal market town of medieval England’s agricultural county. Even at present, in spite of the development of growth areas, it has remained largely agricultural, providing habitat for a diversity of flora and fauna.

Hertfordshire has a gently rolling terrain that is well wooded and is very attractive, although London’s suburban development is slowly encroaching upon it. Thanks to the Green Belt legislation, the urban growth has been somewhat restricted thus preserving what is left of Hertfordshire’s countryside close to the metropolis.

The county is rich with the Roman legacy as evidenced by some Roman roads such as Watling and Ermine Street. St Albans, where the St. Albans Cathedral can be found, is considered as the first-rate settlement in the county. It is quite accessible from London and has the greatest number of rail links and direct road to the capital than any other county in the UK.

Food and Shopping Experience in Hertfordshire

Shopping in the malls of urban centres of Hertfordshire like St Albans is a varied and unique experience in contrast to shopping in outdoor markets. The historic ambience of the locality provides a delightful contrasting backdrop to an enjoyable shopping activity of exploring a wide variety of shops with famous labels. There are also busy city street and farmers markets on specific days with a huge number of stalls selling all kinds of goods including local produce.

Dining in Hertfordshire is another experience that should not be missed. There are pubs, cheap eats, buffet restaurants and fine dining where visitors can choose from depending on their preference and disposition.

Places to stay in Hertfordshire

For visitors who want to stay and explore more of the county, there are several types of accommodation available, from farmhouses, bed and breakfasts, service apartments to five-star hotels. These establishments are sure to make visitors’ stay comfortable and pleasurable while they enjoy the numerous tourist attractions and activities Hertfordshire has to offer.

Things to do and places to see in Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire boasts of cathedral cities, charming garden towns and rambling country estates. Popular activities for visitors in the county is going on picnics on the grounds of revival mansions complete with wooded backdrops or exploring red-bricked Jacobean castles with gothic courts complete with mazes and gargoyles. There are also wildlife parks where visitors can come face to face with endangered snow leopards as well as ancient Norman Cathedrals and Roman amphitheatres said to be inhabited by dragons, ghosts and ghouls.

But to be able to enjoy the experience of Hertfordshire thoroughly, visitors are well advised to do so on a self-drive rental van. This will give visitors the freedom to extensively explore the offerings of an interesting and fascinating County like the Hertfordshire.

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