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Things To Do In Northamptonshire

County of Northamptonshire

The county of Northampton, as it is commonly called, or Northamptonshire is in the East Midlands, at the very heart, of England. This county is also known as the Rose of the Shires where visitors can opt to experience either the modern or the traditional Northamptonshire lifestyle. At one end of the spectrum is contemporary Northamptonshire with its current facilities and attraction and the other end is old-world Northamptonshire characterised by quaint villages with their country lanes, charming thatched-roof cottages and parish churches.

Northamptonshire is also known for some of the most magnificent countrysides in England. The county pride itself of its lovely country parks, ribbons of walkways, cycle paths and canals, and extensive areas of age-old woodlands waiting to be discovered and explored.

Food and shopping experience

Northamptonshire has something to offer for all tastes and appetites that will suit everyone’s budget. Visitors can partake a hearty meal in public houses as well as in fast foods and restaurants, sip a cup of the best coffee blend in coffee shops and cafes, enjoy a glass of ice-cold beer or ale in authentic looking pubs, or enjoy food prepared from locally sourced produced.

Premium shopping in Northamptonshire can be experienced at Grosvenor Centre where visitors can recapture the pleasure of shopping. It has a vast range of department stores and high street shops as well as independent speciality shops offering all kinds of goods. The beauty of the Grosvenor Center is that it is ringed by shopping streets leading to the Market Square where all possible wares and produce can be obtained including locally produced fruit and vegetable on specific days.

In addition to the shopping centres, each Northamptonshire’s main town boasts of a colourful outdoor market with its unique ambience where stalls sell all kinds of goods from fabric to food. Locally sourced produced are available in these outdoor markets which are usually held on specific days of the week.

Where to stay in Northamptonshire

Since Northamptonshire is considered a county of contrasts, visitors of all kinds of preferences and budget always find that there is a place for them to stay that is perfect for them. At Northamptonshire, there are hospitable B & Bs, elegant hotels, charming coaching inns as well as modern hotels for visitors who plan to stay for a night or an extended period. Self-catering cottages, service apartments, farmhouses, campsites and caravan parks including canal and river boats are also available for visitors of Northamptonshire.

Things to do and places to see in Northamptonshire

In addition to eating and shopping, there are plenty more activities to be experienced in Northamptonshire, and this is best done with a self-drive van rental for a more thorough and enjoyable visit.Here, families can have a wonderful day out visiting stately homes with beautiful gardens and magnificent parklands. This county nestling in the curve of the River Nene also offers a broad spectrum of attraction, from museums, theatres and beautiful parks to a vast range of evening entertainments.

Visitors who are into sports will enjoy the various sporting events in the county which include motor racing in the Rockingham and Silverstone motor racing circuits, football league games, first-rate county crickets, and of course rugby games by the revered rugby team, Saints. There are also golf courses for the golf enthusiasts, watersport centres for the aficionados and equestrian and country pursuits for those interested.

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